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We are the support committee of Mr Hamza BRAHMI alias Human-Brother who is on hijraa, circling the world by bicycle since 2008.

The trip's goals are:

1- To support the inclusion of karate in the official program of the Olympic Games.

2- Make a human adventure, working on self and personal development, reiterating an old tradition of Budo, Musha Shugyō or the pilgrimage of the samurai.

3- On the road of peaceful warrior, help lay a bridge of brotherhood between human beings, as Shugyōsha.

4- Make a working knowledge of God, approaching the teaching of His elect.

5. Writing a story, to produce a film, looking a parallel between the suffering of the today's man and one of yesterday . The story of a free spirit having no allegiance's object but only for the ultimate truth. Whose heroes in different times are: Antar ibn Shedad slave , Arab poet and warrior who had been away from his rightful place in the tribal society of yesteryear, because he was black, and son of a servant . Zainab (as) the free and brave woman confronting alone Yazid the tyrant and usurper of the divine right of his murdered brother, Imam Al-Hussein (as), Imam of his time who has to sacrificed himself on the altar of consciousness and a projection of his character wandering in our time without love nor home nor finance, nor property, without faithful and affectionate people who hear ... Che Guevara, Gandhi, Luther King, Malcolm X. in short, the same rebellious spirit and the same desire for emancipation from imposture of Addajal, possessing the contemporary character in search of his identity and foundation of reason in a world slipping.

A fictionalized story which blends the beauty of the tragedy to the love of the sublime unknown, a new objective reading of history confiscated by impostors.

A text that is meant as a peacemaker like bridge of brotherhood between people and especially the children of Abraham. But as sharp and cutting as was Dhulfiqar against the unjust who still abuse our humanity.


The official sponsors of Hamza BRAHMI have dropped him on the way for the unspoken reasons in the world. But having already experienced other accidents of life, such as imprisonment and torture, paraplegia and political oppressions, he still wanted to go to the end of his quest, hoping to inspire other people in difficulty in giving them a positive example.

Fleeing the increasing adversity of hostile reality to the seat of the authentic Islam, there was no driving force for the benefit of the system to encourage him to realize his Islamic identity, as a free entity, open and independent.

He found that the power of darkness didn't like to see an Arab-Muslim can be seen only seem a reference of the good.

Like him, we understand that the imposture system does not see their interest to sponsor such an approach of an exceptional man, because injustice is blind. When in reality they are the opponents of bankrupt system who make it advanced but never its simple foremen. But the worst isn't in the closed doors opposing by the authority that dominates us. It is in the deaf silence of the friends of the same forgotten cause, which does not even refer of this beneficial echo of such a will nor shall grant no attention to such a salutary approach. As if the Arab and Muslim didn't have to cultivate the spirit of greatness, or to practice the art nor the knowledge to be a light bearer.

We felt his injuries through hes survival literature and we heard oral argument before the LORD.

In his back-and-forth between two desperate countries, financially unable to work an another path through the borders of the impossible that forces him. We were touched by the melancholy requiem of his word and his words in a trance.

It seems even experiment the same lonely marathon of his grandmother Hajjar between the two hills Assafa wal Marwa, just as it is part of a loneliness born from that of Imam Hossein (as) facing the tragedy of Freedom defenseless.

He has neither wife nor child nor land nor dwelling nor house and if he was just a spirit he would satisfied by ether of knowledge and love of God. But he is this man, like everyone else, and what's more, this stranger with a body that submits to hardships and therefore just as we need it to feed and intimate moments to lay his fatigue.

We learned that it is nothing more to expect people among whom a small-son of their Master (sawas) sleeps on an empty stomach, digesting for only consolation the hunger of his free spirit.

As there is no redemption for the yawning consciousness, by looking at him panting alone in a desert of solitude and indifference. And neither grace nor holiness will not receive a fair leader to the people, if we don't take care of the elite's seed that grows in a minefield.

If you've read our introduction you can say

The same as those who saw nothing, heard nothing, murmuring, this is not my problem, he's doing. Or you can choose to follow us, knowing that the quintessence is in what begins. So you can participate in the effort that you measure at your own pace and on your own by supporting the achievement that the hero will fulfill as only one which groaning in the depths of yourself.

So to speak, without our help he has the data of faith and perseverance of the determination that accompany him. Will we walk with him or let him go only where the best that get us out of indifference appeals us.

For this, thank you to donate by following this link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=NB9PBNX8Q32XJ or by any other means at your convenience (Western Union, Moneygram etc ..)

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